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Neelanjan Mukherjee, PhD

Principal Investigator


Neel joined the RNA Bioscience Initiative  and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics in 2017.


Postdoc: Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology in Uwe Ohler's lab.


PhD: Duke University Genetics & Genomics in Jack Keene's lab.


Amber Baldwin

Lab Manager/PRA


Amber joined the lab in Nov 2017. She has extensive experience in next-generation sequencing through here previous work at Tempus and on the PsychENCODE project.


Amber is developing a streamlined and cost-effective sequencing technology that we can use broadly within the lab. Additionally,  Amber supports the development of many projects in the lab.


Elisabeth Murphy


Libby finished her bachelor’s degrees in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology and in music at CU Boulder in 2019. She joined the lab later the same year and continues to perform music in her free time.

Libby is studying the RNA targets of the RBP ZFP36L2.


Kathryn Walters

MOLB Grad Student

Kathryn grew up in western North Dakota and got her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from North Dakota State University. She then joined the BSP program at Anschutz and now is part of the MOLB program.


Kathryn is studying the RBP Musashi-2 and it's ability to regulate human steroidogenesis.


Marcin Sajek, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Marcin is from Poznań, Poland. 

Marcin is primarily a computational biologist working on numerous genomic datasets and projects in the lab.

Join us


We are always looking for driven scientists to join the team. Projects in the lab span a wide range of techniques drawing from basic molecular biology and biochemistry to genomics and computational biology. We try to think about biological problems in a quantitative manner as much as possible.


Postdocs that are interested - Please send a current CV and give me a sense of your research experience, why you are interested in the lab, and what you hope to study.

Thanks for your interest!

Neel can accept grad students through the following graduate programs:
-Molecular Biology
-Cancer Biology
-Biomedical Sciences Program
-Medical Sciences Training Program



Jillian Daigneault, PhD

Jill was a founding member of the lab that made many contributions to our investigation of lncRNAs involved in steroidogenesis. She is now in a senior postion in scientific editing.



Amaresh Panda, PhD

Amaresh is now a group leader at Institute of Life Sciences.


Kimberly Wellman, Phd (MOLB)

Kim identified RBPs regulate human steroidogenesis, focusing on ZFP3L2. She graduated Spring 2022.

Kim is now back in Seattle working in a biotech company.


Graduate Students

Kimberly Callahan (MOLB), MSc

Kim worked on the role of pseudouridylation in steroidogenic cells. She is now a scientist at the National Jewish Hospital in the genomics core.

Rotation Students:

Katie Vaeth (MOLB)

Katie worked on ribosome prfiling data generated in collaboration with Dan Sherbenou's lab investigating the role of translation inhibitors in treating multiple myeloma. She is now in the Taliaferro lab.

Evan Harrison (MOLB)

Evan tested whether or not MSI2 was able to rescue the phenotypes caused by a small molecule inhibitor of Musashi proteins. He is now in the Tucker Lab.

Oscar Munoz (MOLB)

Oscar tested how different mutations in the pseudouridine synthase TRUB1 altered AngII-induced aldosterone production. He is now in the Jagannathan Lab.

Ashlyn Stahly (MSTP)

Ashlyn studied the deadenlyation of ZFP36L2 target mRNAs using targeted approaches and long-read direct RNA sequencing.

Charlie Moffet (MOLB)

Charlie was investigating methods to identify pseudouridine in RNA and the mechanism by which TRUB1, a pseudouridine synthase, suppresses aldosterone production. They are now in the Taliaferro Lab.

Arely Diaz (MOLB)

Arely launched a project investigating the role of a steroidogenic lncRNA in the survival cancer cells during here summer internship and rotation. She is now in the Reis lab.




Kezia Dick (RBI SIP)

Miles Daniels (RBI SIP)

Alisa Tvorun Dunn (RBI SIP)

Will Herbst (RBI SIP)

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